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The Accounts Payable section allows the user to input and monitor all accounting functions. From Purchase Order Management to Payments, Accounts Payable efficiently stores the purchasing and payment process.

A customizable level of approval will allow received goods to flow through the application. An inventory of items maintained can be cross-referenced with the appropriate purchase order at any given time.

Vendor and item management can restrict the user from purchasing any unapproved or necessary items while allowing the user to review their payments and purchases.


Vendor Management

The Vendor Management system allows the user to effectively manage and organize all pertinent information needed for purchasing and vendor relationships.


Purchasing and Receiving

With Purchasing, the user can create and customize levels of approval needed for all items. Essentially, Purchasing allows for as much control as you would like. Providing budget or other specifications as an input, and the system will notify the user when a predetermined threshold has been reached.

Capital Item purchasing can also be maintained in conjunction with all other items. Both Unit Inventories and Common Inventories may be maintained separately.


Invoices and Payments

Invoicing is made simple within the module. When an invoice is received, the user simply “receives” the items within the module. These items can now become part of the permanent record for each unit.
Payments enable anyone responsible for the payment of invoices to have an transparent view of the entire process. Alerts and notifications will be sent to those responsible in advance of payments due.
Payments maybe easily customized to fit most Accounts Payable department.