Yotta Advantages

Yottareal delivers comprehensive end-to-end solution for small to large property management companies. The rich features of Yotta enable the property management to have a complete control on the operation and financials.

Dashboard Increase total visibility of your operation and enable your staff to focus on more important things.
Market Survey and Rent analysis Improve and maintain occupancy levels.
Online Leasing & Payments Increase resident retention rate.
Audit Trail Track any changes and protect your business from liability.
Alerts and Notification Report important and critical events.
Reporting Provide reliable information at any time anywhere.
Mobile apps Do paper less inspections, create work orders and many more.

Yotta has several other modules to manage the operations effectively from one source. Some of the modules are:

  • This module covers Purchasing, Accounts Payable A/P, Accounts Receivable A/R, and Inventory.
  • This module supports different clock-in/out. Time sheets can be exported to HR & Payroll system.
  • Approved timesheets by employee and the management will be automatically processed for payment.
  • Company financial reports will be generated by the system.
  • Comprehensive reporting, scheduling and custom reports for all modules.