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HR & Payroll

All aspects of Human Resources can be viewed and managed within this module. Recruiting, Employee Relations and Records are easily maintained and available for those with the appropriate credentials.



It’s imperative with any recruitment initiative that we track the applicants and their status of employment. Recruitment allows for this easily and provides a searchable history of those that apply.



Employee education level, training and certifications can be easily tracked and recorded with this section. Specifically, YottaReal allows your human resources professional to input employment candidates into the module from the applicant stage through employment stage and ultimately through the employee’s separation from your company.
HR and Payroll keeps permanent records of all of these applicants, employees and former employees which ensures you always have accurate information in regards to who previously or currently is involved with your organization.



YottaReal provides the full payroll function including employee payments (standard employee checks, supplemental bonus/reimbursement checks, etc), tax payments (federal payroll taxes, state taxes and local taxes) and government payments (child support, alimony, etc). The payroll feature also effectively manages the paid and unpaid leave of your employees. YottaReal categorizes the time off of your employees (sick, vacation, holiday etc.) to ensure your employees are not paid overtime or additional benefits they are not due.