• One solution for property management

    Visionary software beyond your expectations

    Multi-Platform Experience

  • Rent Management

    Greater Control on Operations & Management

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  • Accounting

    Company Accounting Delivers complete control to organize your finances

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  • Financials

    Reports at a glance including profit & loss

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  • Biometric Time & Attendance

    Avoid costly lawsuits manage your workforce with biometric time keeping with employee self-approval of their timesheets

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  • HR & Payroll

    Manage your employees & payroll system with simple configuration

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Welcome to Yottareal

Yottareal is a comprehensive property management software. Our products speak volumes about our commitment to innovation, staying ahead in the game as a flexible alternative to costly management software applications.

This feature-rich alternative allows for efficient management of your assets on multiple levels. Users are able to navigate through financial reporting and other crucial operating functions seamlessly while maximizing your team’s efficiency.

Yottareal Overview

Our partners are able to utilize Yotta as a Software as a Service (SaaS) or as a Stand Alone provider. The service offers customizable options and benefits.
Benefits include: No expensive servers, no maintenance, around the clock availability, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, free updates, no hosting fees and more !

Why Yottareal?

Yotta Advantages

Yottareal delivers comprehensive end-to-end solution for small to large property management companies ...


It is one of the most important thing to measure ROI before investing....