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Rent Management

Rent Management is a fully integrated solution. With its ease of use and greater control, Yotta provides avenues that help monitor expenses while uncovering opportunities for rent growth.

Yotta Rent Management is orchestrated to be a step above the rest. Delivering functionality within the confines of a centralized dashboard, Yotta provides a comprehensive overview of pending and upcoming items while it’s user friendly interface allows for immediate control.

Quite simply, Rent Management makes it easy and accessible by allowing users to review and manage documents from one location.



The Dashboard of each module presents key information at a glance. It increases total visibility of your Operation with information like todays Move-in/outs; prospect follow ups, work orders and so on. It enables the staff to focus on more important things which automatically enhances the productivity and saves lot of time. All the information you need to access is just one click away on the dashboard.


Prospect Management

Prospect Management is the first component necessary to start your clients journey though the solution. Yotta enables the user to not only input customizable data easily, but also dynamically feeds throughout the application. The rich interface and features enable the user to quickly convert the prospect to an applicant.
All traffic related analysis can be obtained via Prospect Management.


Application Management

Application management allows the user to enter, track and update all client information. From phone numbers and email addresses to annual salary information, Application Management acts as the hub for all client related information to be stored. Once input, an application may be sent to screening with one easy click of a button. This screening interface supports several screening criteria and a detailed report may be accessed and printed at any time.



Yottareal is leasing made simple, easy to use, online and on-site. Anyone can apply, pay, and digitally sign online. You can view the available units with 2D/3D floor plans online. Yotta provides many avenues to monitor the leasing process and enhance leasing activities


Renewal Planner

With the Renewal Planner, users are able to make pricing decisions based on data within the Yottareal application. Further, renewal communications to the residents may be customized and easily uploaded so that the application will manage the renewal process itself.
The Renewal Planner allows for a peace of mind for our users in that renewal invitations with approved renewal rates are sent automatically to resident whose leases are drawing to a close.


Work Order Management

Work Orders can be created, approved, assigned with Yotta Work Order, online and in real time. Yotta resident mobile app allows yotta residents to access information, create work orders, and make payments anytime, from anywhere. Moreover, they can stay informed through notifications and status updates. Pictures, audio and video can be added to work orders immediately and can be viewed by all the users working with work order system.



Vacant Unit Cost Analysis or “VUCA” is vital for providing the user the opportunity to prioritize turns based upon many key components. The VUCA allows the user to prioritize the make ready process while tracking the total cost associated with each turn. A unit maybe easily edited to reflect the progress of the make ready.


Disposition Management

Under Disposition Management, the user can not only notate charges for the final ledger, they can also upload photographic evidence of those charges and save them to the resident’s permanent record.
From recording the forwarding address to automatically reporting skips or delinquents to credit reporting agencies, Deposition Management allows the user an efficient and effective way to manage the move out process from start to finish.