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Biometric Time & Attendance

Biometric Time & Attendance is an excellent solution to reduce buddy punching, absenteeism, tardiness, inaccurate time reporting and overpayment. Yotta Biometric Time & Attendance alerts administration when the clocking seems to conflict with company policy or does not match planned schedules. With just a few clicks of a button you can develop and manage entire schedules, assign hours to specific tasks, specify which client, project, or department an employee is working on behalf of, and easily keep track of shift swaps. With just a few clicks of the mouse Yottareal allows users to generate accurate reports on time worked, absences, as schedules, events and job details.


Clock-In/Clock-Out Methods

Yottareal Clock-in/Clock-out methods will restrict when and where employees can clock-in/clock-out from. It helps to monitor when an employee is and is not working. It allows precise tracking of employee hours hence making payroll processing easier.

  • Bio-metric
    An employee can easily clock-in/out by placing their registered finger on the Bio-metric device. This stops buddy punching and improves efficiency.

  • Employee Id and PIN (through desktop)
    Employees just need to enter their ID and PIN in the system to clock-in/out. It is very low cost and employees do not need an entry device such as a card.

  • Id card identification
    Employees just need to swipe their ID card to clock-in/out. This is affordable, effective and accurate.


Employee self-certification

Yotta Employee Self-Service saves time and money, and increases employee engagement. Yotta ESS makes employee work easy by providing online service. It reduces call volume to both the human resources and payroll departments.

  • Employees can view their profile, leave summary, schedule details

  • Employee can self-approve their timesheets and view timesheets history

  • Employees can view their tardy report

  • Employees gain convenient access to attendance information

  • Employees can view their leave balances and request time off and see where their leave is in the approval process.

  • Reduces the amount of time administration spends tracking the time of individual employees.



Yottareal scheduling makes it easy to create new or default schedules for each employee. Scheduling can be created on a daily or weekly basis by employees as well as the by department. You can easily copy any week day’s schedule and apply to rest of the week with a simple click. Calendar view of employee schedule is printable to post for your employees. Yottareal facilitates an easy and straightforward summer scheduling process as well.

  • Extremely Flexible

  • Have scheduling details at your fingertips

  • Save time by scheduling multiple employees in one step

  • Open-ended shifts (enter the shift start and end time)

  • Reduce unnecessary overtime

  • View and print schedules

  • View and control labour resources


Leave Management

Yottareal leave management system helps you improve the administration of your overall employee leave programs and proactively manage employee absenteeism. Yottareal can define and manage different types of leave such as Vacation, Sick Leave, etc. Leave can be applied for and approved online. The attendance system along with the leave management system gives detailed information about the employees on attendance, leave and official work. This will help you to manage to plan/approve the employee leave as well. You can configure business rules surrounding employee accruals and complex leave requirements.

  • All policies are configurable

  • Automatic alerts and notifications

  • Audit trail to track changes

  • Automatic updating of approved leaves in the respective timesheets

  • Get a clear picture as you track deviations from planned attendance, like late arrivals, early departures, or unexpected absences


3rd party Interface

The timesheet data can be used to run payroll internally or export to third party software and it eliminates double entry and redundancy of shared information.